Self Therapy

This programme enables you to identify for yourselfyour unique mental strategy so that you can work on yourself. It presupposes that everybody can gain access to her/his sub-conscious mind and make necessary changesfor better self-management.

It is content-free, non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing where you do not have to reveal anything. Nevertheless, it can be as effective as individual therapy sessions.

With Self-therapy you can:

  • Choose the emotions you want to experience and get on the path to emotional freedom.
  • Acquire the mental tools and techniques to shatter the negative beliefs and convert them into empowering beliefs.
  • Identify the sub-conscious coding of your experiences and re-code them to change your feeling.
  • Edit the unpleasant experiences of the past and rewrite the future.
  • Change the behaviour by changing your feeling.
  • Think about the difficulties and problems while they feel good and thereby create a wonderful world of possibilities.