Career Guidance

When students are about to complete X or XII standard they may not have a definite idea as to what they want to do next. Very often, their parents are at a loss. If our children can be guided to the right academic subject for their further studies based on their passion and talents they would succeed and excel in their field.

About to complete X or XII Std?

To know the best options for further studies and future career

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A ComPAS Now™ Project for Students

With ComPAS Now™ tools students can identify their best job options, interview the most productive executives in the very field of their choice, research and find the competencies required to perform that job effectively and efficiently, and prepare themselves for their future performance excellence.

Ensure your future excellence in four steps

Step 1: Take the ComPAS Career Assessment Test (CCAT)

It will assess your strengths and top competencies and identify for you the best options for your future career / further studies. It will also tell you what jobs you should avoid.

Step 2: Personal Competency Profile (PCP)

Along with the CCAT Report you will also receive your Personal Competency Profile report. It will identify, assess and map more than 150 competencies for you. These are the competencies that are required for doing a job efficiently and productively in various industries and services.

Step 3: Job Profile Research

Once you have identified your best job option and mapped your Personal Competency Profile, you are now ready for the Profile Research. Identify 5 high performers in your chosen field. Meet them personally and ask them to choose and prioritise from the list the competencies that are important for performing the job well in their work context. Now consolidate your findings in your Job Profile Research Report. Request for a copy of their Personal Competency Profile and attach them in your report.

Step 4: Get Certified by ComPAS Now™

When you submit the completed report you will be given ComPAS Now™ Excellence Certificate, which will attract great value and conviction during admission and job interview.

Benefits of this project:

  • Students will get valuable information about their strengths, weaknesses and other competencies.
  • They will get career counseling regarding their studies and future career.
  • They will get an exposure to companies and executives in the field of their interest making them more confident and focused.
  • They will get directed and motivated towards their future career.
  • They will get a Certificate of Excellence with their Top Competencies listed, from ComPAS Now™ on completion of their project.
  • It may relieve some parents of great anxiety and worry about their children's future.

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