Corporate Service

Competency Profiling and Assessment Service

We profile, assess and predict the competency of people and match them against different jobs profiles so that companies can hire them with confidence.

To do this we identify the repeated patterns in people and group them into skills, characteristics and attitudes (competencies) that are required to do a particular job effectively.

These patterns are specific, identifiable and repeated umpteen times in different situations in people's life and work. They are, sometimes, differently referred to as Beliefs, Filters, or Mental Programming. To learn more click on

We can help organizations to:

  • Predict employee behaviour before hiring
  • Hire people with required competency profile
  • Align talents to strategic business objectives
  • Enhance overall performance excellence
  • Put in place a good hiring and training system

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Individuals can:

  • Find their overall strengths and weaknesses
  • Get their competencies assessed and matched to various job profiles
  • Align career with one's own attributes, attitudes and skills
  • Choose appropriate job one is good at
  • Plan your next career option if you are not happy with the present one.

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